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Hello! Welcome to my Television History project page. A few years ago, I completed a research project for my Communications History class on this subject and found much exciting and useful information. Below, I have provided links to some really great pages pertaining to television and its "creators." Also, check out my final paper, but please don't steal it for yourself. Besides being totaly illegal, I spent way too much time and effort on this paper to have someone else get credit for it. Plus, I got an A on it! Anyhow, check out these links and let me know what you think!

My Research Paper

Television History: The Beginning of a New Medium


The Farnesworth Cronicles: This is quite possibly the best television history site on the will learn stuff here you never imagined could be true! It's very interesting and insightful page, so check it out.
Big Dream Small Screen Transcript:This site is a transcript of a PBS Documentary on Philo Farnesworth. It contains interviews with some pretty important people who were close to Farnesworth, and also those who have dedicated most of their life to the study of Television History.
Interview with Vladimir Zworykin:Here is a 1975 interview transcript with Vladimir Zworykin, one of the so-called "inventors" of television.
MZTV Museum of Television:Here you will find a virtual museum dedicated to Television History. They have some kewl audio and video downloads here as well.
Inventure Place: Vladimir Zworykin:This link gives some information about Zworykin's cathode-ray tube. Be careful to cross reference any material you might find here, as when it comes to television invention, many people like to give credit to those who don't entirely deserve it.
The Media History Project Connections Page: Television:This link basically gives you a list of more links related to television, television history, and even some stuff about the FCC and general broadcast archives.
John Logie Baird:Interested in the rise and fall of mechanical television? Check out this site and find a pretty accurate history of Baird and his demise.
Thanks for stopping by! If you know of a site that should be here, please email me with the URL. I also encourage any comments about this page or the contents thereof.

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